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I am passionate about education, and I am a life-long learner.  As an English major at Lane Community College in my ninth term, I am looking forward to transferring to a University where I can minor in Ethnic Studies. My goal is to get a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and teach Adult Basic and Secondary Education somewhere.

My name is pronounced “AY-Lean”, though I’m used many variations from Alien, to I-lene. I was born and raised in New York, and have now lived in Eugene, OR for 23 years. My three children range in age from ten to twenty.

I became interested in Adult Education after creating a peer to peer study program at a correctional institution. Of 50 women in an intensive treatment program for addictions, over half of the women did not have a high school diploma. I paired people who had received their GED with those studying to earn one, as tutors and study partners. I tutored six women; in the end, they all earned a GED before graduation from the program.

I work two jobs while going to school full-time: as a private tutor and at the Northwest Auto Auction. Working at the auction is fun, and allows me to be around one of my hobbies, cars. Other hobbies include, reading, writing, technology, TV and supporting local music and art.

My dream job is to open a GED center at the halfway house between prison and the community. My goal is for every person coming out of prison to get a basic education certificate prior to transitioning into the community.

Please feel free to send me an email at any time: Email Ailene






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  1. Ailene, your blog layout is looking good also. You are all set to start adding content to your pages. Nice work. My fiancee is close to completing her master’s in adult education from the college of education at OSU. She chose the hybrid distance education program which is mostly on-line. The cohort meets once a month in Wilsonville for an all day Friday and Saturday classroom session. If you want to teach adults, this is a pretty good program. Check it out if your interested or you may already be aware of it. It is a good fit for those that do well with on-line studies but also enjoy being part of a cohort.

  2. Hi, Ailene,

    I appreciate your blog–very nice!–and it’s good to know your career aspirations. You’re in an area that needs so much more support than it currently gets. The needs are enormous. I wonder if you could work/liaison with educational institutions. We’ll talk soon. I look forward to our meeting.


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