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Scholarly Discourse Part II

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The people I cited in Scholarly Discourse Part I are experts in their fields. I consider these men experts because they both work teaching adults in a sensitive population. Dr. Rosen, the author of the scholarly blog has many more credentials and is more accomplished in the field, but I don’t think that makes him more of an expert than Mr. Haulard. In fact, the latter works more hands-on in the classroom than the Doctor, who continues to do consulting.

David J. Rosen

David J. Rosen
Dr. Rosen is the author of the scholarly blog that I selected. He has been working in adult literacy education as a teacher, program administrator, education professional developer, trainer, curriculum developer, researcher and consultant since 1982. His Ed.D  Education Evaluation is from the University of Massachusetts, and his BA with Honors is from University of Michigan. Currently  Dr. Rosen is Senior Consultant to the Learner Web project through a U.S. Department of Commerce Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant. His lengthy academic and professional credentials include:

Education Development Center, Washington, DC and Newton, MA

• Consultant to USAID-funded Core Education Support for Liberian Youth (CESLY) out-of-school youth and adult nonformal education project in Liberia, September, 2009 – Present

• Consultant to USAID EQUIP 3 out-of-school youth planning project in Afghanistan, 2010

• Project Manager of USAID-funded Bangladesh youth employment and training pilot November 2008  – September 2010

• Consultant to USAID-funded national out-of-school youth project in Haiti to help the Ministry of Education develop a nonformal education policy, 2008 – 2009

• Consultant to USAID-funded project in Northern Cyprus to develop vocational education curriculum for middle schools and vocational high schools February – June, 2007.

• Consultant to assessment team for a Philippines-based USAID EQUIP3-funded education and economic development project March 2006

• Advisor on USDOE-funded National Technology Portal project March – November 2003

• Consultant on USDOE-funded Community Technology Centers National Technical Assistance Project June – August 2003

He now lives and works in Portland, OR, which is exciting to me as I could potentially interview him, the way I met with other professionals while writing my ISearch paper. He works mainly as a consultant to dozens of government agencies on education.

No picture was available for Mr. Haulard


The author of the article I selected, is  Edgar R. Haulard. Mr. Haulard is an instructor of Adult Basic and Secondary Education and a GED teacher at Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, LA, and is doing the job I hope to be doing one day. I was not able to find any additional information about him, but I do believe he is an expert in his field as much as the Dr. above because he works in the classroom, teaching adults basic education.


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I am a student at Portland State University. My career goal is to teach Adult Basic/Secondary Education. Currently, I am a Social Science and Black Studies major in my senior year

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  1. Ailene,
    Again…good work! Could be gooder! Consider adding an image of each man with an appropriate caption. That would make a text heavy page more appealing to read while staying on task.

  2. You can always grab a bulleted list and use the arrow over tool to indent the whole thing. In blogging, the visual appeal of the page is important as well as the content.


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